September 30, 2009, 11:14 pm

A Few of my Favorite Things...

Ok, so I will admit, BECAUSE I was feeling a little bit guilty about not blogging for a week and also feel the need to share information with you that your more than likely don’t care about, I’ve decided to make a final post this evening on a few of my favorite things which was inspired by … VANITY FAIR.

Let me explain.  One of my favorite inclusions in Vanity Fair Magazine is the “My Stuff” contribution (weird- I know).  In fact, whenever I receive VF in the magazine this is the very first thing I search for.  Literally, I tear off the plastic and start rummaging through the magazine to see who is featured in “MY STUFF.”  I guess it is just absolutely IMPERATIVE that I know what the celebrity of the month is using, reading, wearing, where they are traveling, what they are listening to, and what type of sheets they are sleeping on!  Some of them don’t really intrigue me, several are obviously wittier than others, but a few, like this one by Ivanka Trump, I LIVE by! Once you start reading them, I promise, you will get hooked as well!  The Oct. ‘09 Issue features Blake Mycoskie and just GUESS where Blake lives? “On a 45-Foot Hunter Sailboat in Marina del Rey.” SEE? How many of us can say THAT.

“MY STUFF” : PART 1 :  Haley Schultheis

DISCLAIMER: Because I will most probably not be featured in the “MY STUFF” section of Vanity Fair any time soon, I’m writing and publishing a piece myself (which does not have any affiliation to Vanity Fair magazine).  Below are the “HOME” and “BEAUTY” sections as the “FASHION” and “INSPIRATIONS” categories deserve a future posting of their own…..

— HOME —

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Dallas, Texas.

Bouquet of Pink Peonies, 1873 by Camille Pissarro

FAVORITE ART: Modigliani, Matisse, Mark Shaw, Pissarro, Vigée-Lebrun

STATIONERY: Anything from Stella Dallas and of course I admire Smythson (from afar).

FAVORITE FLOWERS: Anyone that knows ANYTHING about me, knows that it is a pink peony (home garden fresh if possible) and I do love hydrangeas.

FAVORITE GADGETS: I will admit: my Macbook and my BlackBerry.

FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANTS: Mint… hands down.  I could SERIOUSLY go there every day.  I also love Sangria Tapas Bar and Toulouse (these all happen to be Lombardi Restaurants.. hmmm)….

FAVORITE COCKTAIL: Anything with champagne, specifically, a French 75.

FAVORITE DESSERT: Tiramisu and coffee.

FAVORITE SNACK: Almonds or cheese.


LIPSTICK: The Lipstick Queen in Medieval by Poppy King, on top of Benefit’s “Lip Plump” which I’ve worn with or without lipstick for 9 years.

MASCARA: La Prairie Cellular Treatment Mascara Instant Build... it’s actually good for your lashes and I think blows DiorShow out of the water.

MOISTURIZER: Jurlique.. it’s all natural, organic, and feels like a second (silky) skin on your face.. it’s fantastic AND Australian (even better)!

FACIAL SCRUB: Jurlique wins again.. almonds & honey, smells wonderful, not too rough… and again, all natural.  Read about their ingredients! Incredible!

PERFUME: I feel like I’m giving away a life secret here, but I’ve loved Chelsea Flowers by Bond No. 9 ever since my dear father first purchased me a bottle during the summer of 2004 from the original store off Madison Avenue.  We just stumbled across the tiny shop and it was before the perfume was mass produced, carried in Saks, and prior to everyone knowing what it was/having it… the good old days :)  my second two are tied: Mademoiselle by CHANEL (never cease to receive compliments) and for a day scent.. Infusion d’Iris by PRADA.

TOOTHPASTE: (because Ivanka shared she uses Crest) AquaFresh.. there is nothing like it…

HAIRCUT: Hair by Charlie.  Charlie Price is AMAZING and just finished styling 30++ shows during New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week in Bryant Park!!

SOAP: Santa Maria Novella “milky soap” in the scent of GARDENIA can be purchased through LAFCO NY

— END —

can’t wait to share CLOTHES & INSPIRATIONS (PART 2)… I know you will be waiting for them :)

*my photograph by: Bret Sano.

September 30, 2009, 8:50 pm

PLEASE PARDON MY ABSENCE.  I am in the midst of a job transition (AND an exciting one at that) and have been CRAZY busy.  But, whilst traveling, I’ve had a lot of time to take in all the hautes and happenings in the world of style and decor, so I have lots of great ideas for new posts!

I wanted to inform/remind all of you about what I’m hoping is a fantastic new mag LONNY NY, which is launching tomorrow: OCTOBER 1st! Some of you may remember my previous post on Rubie Green Fabrics & the launch of the magazine, which has been likened to DOMINO.  Can’t wait to check it out TOMORROW!  Let me know what you guys think!

September 23, 2009, 11:25 pm

a lovely read.

i love this book by muriel barbery.  i wish i could read it in both french and italian, i would in a heartbeat. great characters- beautiful language- what a story!

it was also featured on the bedside of the new face of Armani, model, Katia Smutniak in September ‘09 Issue of French VOGUE.

September 21, 2009, 4:04 pm

LOVELY Louboutins.  How darling are these?  Exclusive to and inspired by Princess Diana, these Christian Louboutin Love Flat Shoes, might be some of the cutest I’ve seen in ages!  I would LOVE to have these paired with a cute little black dress like this one from J.Crew:

SO, in case you’d like to send me a gift generous gift of love a la shoes… I thought I’d share my shoe size: 9! :)

September 18, 2009, 1:06 pm

JUST RELEASED: Lou Doillon for VANESSA BRUNO. The Movie.  Lou Doillon is the daughter of model, singer, actress, and muse, JANE BIRKIN.  See more of the Vanessa Bruno Autumn/Winter Collection here.

- beginning music by 1970’s folk singer Linda Perhacs “Chimacum Rain

my favorite song by Jane Birkin: “Ex-Fan des Sixties

cheesy/cute right?

September 17, 2009, 3:52 pm


I want this chair upholstered in adorable Kelly Wearstler fabric from my favorite furniture store.

That is all.

- also visit the sister store: Again & Again

September 16, 2009, 4:27 pm

Oui, Monsieur! Over the Knee Boots Please...

“Yes, either Barney’s or Neimans!” exclaims my friend Holly, as we work to schedule our “over-the-knee-boot” shopping afternoon….

I’m not sure if Holly was inspired by this same picture, but I was (once again) amazed by Jane Aldridge’s photographs in her pair by Barneys Co-Op she posted earlier this week.  So, the decision to make an over-the-knee-boot shopping day came and was confirmed when I checked out Neiman’s website and found they ACTUALLY have this type of boot description as a shoe category! Now, maybe I missed this last year, but when the boot style had it’s own CATEGORY on, I knew it was time to take Over the Knee Boots seriously.


Now, though we are certainly going to go check-out inventory in person on Saturday afternoon, if I were to shop online, these were a few of my favorites.  Some (even at their phenomenal prices), are nearly sold out online!

YSL Platform OTK Boot

These are simply amazing to look at. You can actually see the silhouette of what looks to be the YSL Tribute pump locked within the boot, which makes for one unbelievably mastered shoe. The top buckle, is the perfect touch and really helps to slim down the leg. I think that may be the difficult presented with this style of boots, you lose the definition in your legs, so if one’s not careful, they could very easily transform the legs into walking tree stumps! Nonetheless, if  one doesn’t call this particular pair completely sophisticated and sexy… then sexy does not exist. That HEEL!

Giuseppe Zanotti OTK Croc-Embossed Boot

Now, I am in love with gray and have been for quite some time, but I think these have such a great texture.  They would spice up any black outfit and they just define elegance. I would wear these on the streets of Paris with a long black wool high-collared trench.  Simply chic and again, that rich texture is just to die for, so inviting.

Over the Knee Buckle Boot, Bea Boot

Now the one’s on the left are the pair Jane is photographed wearing (top).  They are at a decent price point compared to some of the other designers I’ve featured.  I like the ones that she had chosen with the buckles, but the pair on the right (also by Barneys Co-Op) are a basic flattering style that you could seemingly wear with an array of pieces and dress up or dress down. I seem to favor the Over the Knee Boots with heels, but that is namely because I think they look a bit more dressed up and flattering with a slight lift where height can make up for less definition.

Love the lengthened PRADA OTK Riding Boot (very slimming) and in a great luxe chocolate leather… the Ralph Lauren Halia OTK Boot is also a pair that caught my eye (and nearly sold out).

Can’t wait to go shopping with Holly in person (*don’t worry, I’m just there for support). Of course, I will let you know how things go……!

September 16, 2009, 3:37 pm

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September 15, 2009, 10:06 am

I know, you realize how gorgeous these are too!  I was staring at them through the window of the Highland Park Ralph Lauren the other week (don’t worry, the store was closed!) and just had to come home and torture myself to see how much they actually wereI can totally see myself signing up for a local trail ride this fall and wearing these boots (haha- totally kidding!). Nonetheless, the Isabelline Riding Boot is positively stunning. If I could JUST get a pair of these and my fall dream bag:

I mean HOW fantastic is the Fendi Peek-a-boo bag??  You don’t have to answer.  I know that it is absolutely amazing.  I haven’t swooned over a “new” bag shape in a long time, but this one has certainly got me…..

LOVE the slouchy leather paired with the classic frame… and it’s overall vintage appeal. And how cute is the name: the peek-a-boo tote! With the boots and this bag… I could just maybe be set for fall ;) (accessories-wise of course).

- Also, though the wearer may look like they are walking around with small poodles on their feet, I might throw these Fendi’s in for good measure.. afterall, I would just HAVE to have a black leather pair of boots as well!

SO CUTE!  Fendi Shearling Ankle Boot from Browns Fashion.  These would look great with a pair of tights (see Kate Spade tights below).  Clearly, I’m just in love with FENDI this season!

September 11, 2009, 11:31 am

KATE and the case of the colored tights.

I love Kate Spade.  I have always loved Kate Spade.  When I was 14, I difficultly saved and collected around $120 and bought the perfect petite black nylon box purse on my family’s vacation to Siesta Key at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Sarasota.  I was very adamant about buying my own handbag.  This would have been in 2000 and the company has certainly changed in many ways since then.  For me, their advertisements have certainly been working. I think they are lovely!  I just saw one in Home & Garden last night presenting their dinnerware collection and sent out a tweet about it, minutes later, Kate Spade was following me on Twitter!  With their clothing line, I think they are getting it.  It is priced at the higher end of J.Crew (and/or the J.Crew Collection), but is even a little more bold with further vintage appeal.  It is very Jackie O gone quirky and I love their “fall looks.” I have all of the Kate Spade lifestyle books: Manners, Style, and Occasions. And today, I’m sharing some of my favorites with you here for some fall inspiration during NY Fashion Week.

TREASURE HUNTING- Love the Madeline Dot Ruffle Placket Dress

BEST IMPULSE BUY- the fur - the Bisous Stella Chubbie adorable! Can’t wait to bring out my own gorgeous faux from last year (might have to wait awhile in Dallas!!)

CATCHING A MOVIE- how zany! With Beacon Hill Wendy’s Sweater Dress in RED.  This girl is totally saying, “I can’t help it, I’m just fantastic!”

SQUEALING WITH DELIGHT- I love the interesting color combination.  This is so me in the morning, driving, talking on the phone, drinking coffee… oops! xx to the BISOUS GLITTER TWEED DEBORA PEACOAT (vintage glam).. can’t beat charcoal and lilac this season!

OFF TO THE OPERA- love the green tonal argyle tights.. they have lots of colors to choose from.. beautiful!  Love their color combinations.  Would love to wear this to the new Dallas Opera House this fall?  How’s that for opening night!

And, finally, HITTING THE ROAD-  weekend trip to Austin anyone?

Check out all of the Kate Spade Fall Looks here and join me in swooning over the entire collection….

and the shoes! (guest - L & carly - R)

photo credits: kate spade

September 10, 2009, 3:39 pm

An Easy Peak- to Easton Pearson

“Our interests are specific and eclectic, we design for people who have similar ways of thinking. We design for women who are quite possibly interested in art as much as fashion, who are interested in details and visual plays. We want them to take our garments and make them their own. We don’t stand away from trends but we interpret these trends a little differently, a little idiosyncratically, a little privately based on our own interests.”

Easton Pearson.

Fall Easton Pearson RTW 09 - Brisbane

Easton Pearson was started by Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton in 1989.  They are both the designers and directors of the company which was first shown in Paris in 1998.  Together, they oversee the planning, development, creation, finishing, transportation, and the selling of their collections. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia and is available in 24 countries and over 100 stores worldwide.  The design duo works closely with fabric, making the look and tactility a top priority, and how it feels and moves against the wearers skin.

They design for people they love and admire and create in the hope that their customers feel as connected to the individual pieces of their collections as they do. Drawing references from various terrains and cultures, they cite India, Africa, and Europe as sources of inspiration.  The duo draws influence from their own lives as well, which is why each collection has an exceptionally different feel.

Irma skirt Spring Summer 2001 (remade 2009) (detail) | Washed calico, hand decorated to garment shape with metal and plastic sequins and surface stitching, edges hand frayed | Collection: Easton Pearson

Fashion designers Pamela Easton (L) and Lydia Pearson (R) are escorted on the runway by a model to greet the crowd after their fashion label Easton Pearson was showcased on the catwalk at the Soul by Juniper Group show as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2009 at the Brisbane City Hall on August 23, 2009 in Brisbane, Australia.

Art, music, books, vintage clothing, personal travels, memories, moments, and muses… these all act as both the platform and support for the next innovative collection. The mix of textures, colors, and patterns acts as an artist’s palette against a blank canvas. That extra splash of silk, just might be the finishing touch, that binds the piece together.  It creates a fluid whole of movement, life, and vivid energy.

I admire the cobalt, mix of fabric and textures, and pop of orange they chose for fall.  They had a stunning Spring/Summer 2009 Collection and are currently featured as an exhibit at the GoMA in Queensland. Easton Pearson is certainly a savvy Australian brand to keep on your radar.  Who knows what palette they will paint up next!

photo credits: vogue australia, zimbio, easton pearson exhibit at GoMA

September 10, 2009, 12:43 pm


PinkMemo “Szish-ified” - full article new Editor-in-Chief Katrina Szish. So exciting!

September 6, 2009, 11:07 am

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend and says adieu to summer in the best of ways! I wanted to include some photography by Mark Shaw of the Kennedy family in Hyannis Port on this lovely weekend.  I think it is a lovely way to say goodbye to the carefree, long summer days, and get ready for fall! If you haven’t seen these before, you are certainly going to enjoy them! 

Jackie, JFK and Caroline relax in Hyannis Port in 1959

Jackie and Caroline on the beach in Hyannis Port, 1959

These would be beautiful prints to order to display in your own summer home….

taken in Hyannis Port in 1959

Jackie and John Jr. out for a stroll in 1963

Jackie swings Caroline in the shallows at Hyannis Port in 1959

This one is my favorite. What a beautiful shot…

Mark Shaw is best known for his photography of the Kennedy’s which he shot for LIFE magazine and later as the family’s unofficial family photography.  View his work and galleries here.

photo credits: mark shaw

September 1, 2009, 7:31 pm


The PinkMemo September/October issues are finally here!  Be sure to check out both the Dallas and New York Editions featuring new Editor-In-Chief Katrina Szish.. and, of course, stay up-to-date with the Dallas SCENE by viewing my newest installment: