Maybe it’s because I’ve never really gotten over my obsession with mermaids and the sea, but I’m positively smitten with the spring 2015 campaign from Valentino.  It’s beautiful, ethereal, and glamorous. There are so many ocean-inspired details and the fabrics are incredible. I just might have to own a piece from this collection in remembrance. Or, at least a photograph for my wall.

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vday attire


If you are looking for a chic and easy Valentine’s Day inspired outfit, I’ve pulled a few of my favorite pieces of the moment. I am thinking GINGHAM this year paired with a fitted jacket in the perfect fuchsia.  I love the Jenni Kayne inspired J.Crew flats and opalescent earrings from Holst and Lee. This new DVF wrap dress (below) inspired it all. I need this piece in my closet!



Massimo Dutti Fuchsia Blazer // H&M White Draped Blouse // Zara Gingham Trousers // Holst and Lee Global Earrings in OPAL // J.Crew Colorblock D’Orsay Flats


bohemia inspiration

      bohemia: A community of persons with artistic or literary tastes who adopt manners and 

mores conspicuously different from those expected or approved of by the majority of society.

If I was asked to personally categorize my own style, I would not be able to do so. I truly am all over the place primarily based upon location or mood. Somedays, I’m in a very preppy mood, sometimes I’m feeling very modern and metropolitan, and others – very gypsy. I think a style I’m consistently drawn to is: old world made new.  I love a beautiful vintage look with fresh modern appeal (or matched with modern accessories to balance out the look).  That’s certainly my inspiration for today’s wish list.


 This dress by Isabel Marant Étoile couldn’t be more captivating. I LOVE IT.  Pair it with the perfect leather ivory wedge sandals (or these from Madewell) and ladylike wildflower earrings from J.Crew and you are set.  And, how amazing is this Bohemia candle from Byredo? Such a great gift! My newest handbag obsession is anything by Hayden Lasher. The Reese Belgian Bag would be perfect for this particular outfit, but be sure to check out the full line here. They are truly timeless!


Finally, if you are feeling truly adventurous, shop the incredible surf boards from the Sibella Court x McTavish collaboration. I don’t surf, but that doesn’t mean one of these wouldn’t make an absolutely incredible headboard or even wall art?? The options are endless!


Isabel Marant Étoile Wanda Floral Print Voile Dress // Hayden Lasher Reese Belgian Bag // J.Crew Wildflower Earrings // Chloé Leather Ivory Wedge Sandals // Byredo Bohemia Candle // Sibella Court x McTavish Surf Boards


shrimps poplin


So, it’s true my family has a slight pajama obsession (at least my mother and I do). I had to tell her to PLEASE not get me another pair of pajamas for Christmas because the drawers of my dresser are literally exploding with them and it can be difficult for me to part with things (especially the prettier they are).  But, if I were to purchase a pair of pjs today, it would certainly be a pair from the Shrimps x Poplin collaboration.




As you may recall, both have had features on this blog – Shrimps here and Poplin here.   The prints are quirky and fun – I mean who doesn’t want to go to bed wrapped in a silk crustacean print?  The Harold Kimono print is just as fantastic.

shrimps and poplin




Is anyone else craving a trip to the desert?  I love putting on a hat, sunglasses, packing a great book, and heading out to Marfa, Texas for a long weekend.  There’s something about being out west in the nothingness of endless terrain, dry air, and mountains that’s freeing and stress relieving.  Today, I’m inspired by a soft palette and natural texture that will effortlessly translate into spring.  The key piece of this look is the MSGM Crop Top in the unique catcus print.  If crop tops immediately make you run the other way, think of pairing them with a high waisted skirt or pants before you completely steer clear (this is how I’d personally work them into my wardrobe). Just because it’s “cropped” doesn’t mean to have to bare all!  I love the idea of pairing them with the Harlow Pant from J.Crew in Rustic Mint (such a fresh color).

I’m obsessing over these new raffia shoes – Strey Caramel from Acne Studios.  And, accessories are key in this look: the Janessa Leone Charles Hat is top on my spring wish list. Pair it with these incredible sunglasses from Thierry Lasry and the P Latigo Strap Bag in Bone Leather from Libby Lane.  Top off your look with the vintage rose moon turquoise ring from Imogene and Willie.



MSGM Cactus Print Top // J.Crew Harlow Pant // Janessa Leone Charles // Thierry Lasry Sunglasses at Steven Alan // Libby Lane P Latigo Strap Bag //  Acne Studios Strey Caramel // Vintage Rose Moon Turquoise Ring




weekend favorites



With chillier temperatures this weekend, I’m planning a cozy weekend indoors. I might catch up on work, go to a yoga class, and I’m looking forward to reading my February magazines that came in the mail this week.   What are some items that might complement such a weekend?  I love this cozy Pattern Knit Cardigan from H&M. At under $50.00 – it’s a steal!  Wrap yourself up in this brand new scarf from India Hicks in an exotic beetle print. I love the soothing quality of the Siren Scarf in Dove Grey.  Brighten up your look with new sunglasses.  This matte green pair from PRISM is perfect.  And, read a beautiful book (like this one about shoes for instance – I love it!) or catch up on your favorite magazines on your iPad wrapped in a case like this one (on sale)!



H&M Pattern Knit Cardigan from H&M // the India Hicks Siren Scarf in Dove Grey // PRISM Brazilia Sunglasses // Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman // Dillon des Pres iPad Case 








moody blues


If you are looking for a simple palette to carry you into spring, I love the idea of classic navy paired with rich cognac hues, peach leathers, nude, and ivory – chic, classic, and earthy.  These pairings allow your attire to be as dark and dramatic as you wish with touches of warmth. What to shop for this look?  Try this simple navy belted dress from Massimo Dutti that will easily carry you from day to night. Some of my favorite shoes for spring thus far?  The Isabel Marant Maple Tassel Suede Flats are first on my list.  If you are looking for accessories, the Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Leather bag in beige leather will carry you through spring and summer and the Stellar earrings from Holst and Lee will make an elegant addition to any attire.

For inspiration, purchase the latest book from Malene Birger (her first one was incredible), Move and WorkIt’s includes some of the most effortlessly stunning interiors I’ve ever seen. And, for your upcoming getaway, the Honolulu Zig Zag Bikini from Marysia should be top on your list. And, starting your day with an amazing coffee mug like this one can only lead to wonderful things.


Massimo Dutti Belted Dress // Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Leather Bag // Isabel Marant Maple Tassel Suede Flats // Stella Earrings Holst and Lee // Move and Work by Malene Birger // Honolulu Zig Zag Bikini – Marysia // Organic Coffee Mug 


beauty, style



I have a tendency to dress very simple and classic during the winter seasons.  Whether it’s a fair isle sweater and my favorite pair of black jeans or one of my favorite vintage coats, I certainly lean towards closet staples during the colder months.  As resort season is in full swing and we’re beginning to see more and more spring 2015 pieces, I’m certainly ready for color, flair, and warmer weather.

This spring, I certainly plan to have a little fun with my wardrobe.  From exotic prints, to pom poms, and fringe, you can really add personality to any attire in a multitude of ways. Right now: I’m smitten with this flamingo skirt from Giles. Pair it with your coziest cashmere sweater during the chillier months and transition to your favorite silk or knit t-shirt or tank come spring. I’ve had my eyes on this Lizzie Fortunato necklace now for weeks (on sale!!) – it’s absolutely beautiful. As for fringe, I’m leaning towards a classic ivory (like the one above) or whiskey leather bag.  And, I absolutely love the pom pom sandals from Figue – amazing!

Last but not least on my list, the RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sacred is a brilliant way to brighten the face in the morning when you’re feeling your complexion is less than glowing. And, I’ve just started the Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn after reading some excellent reviews. Have you read them?


J.Crew Collection Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Heather Gray // Flamingo Maxi Skirt – Giles //  Lizzie Fortunato Japanese Cool Necklace // Leather Hendrix Tote // FIGUE Pom Chappal Sandal in Peacock Blue // RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sacred // The Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn


joan didion celine


Author Joan Didion is the new face of Céline for spring 2015.  It’s so invigorating to see this kind of a move by a luxury fashion label and it feels so right. It’s not surprising coming from the realm of Phoebe Philo, but it truly opens some incredible doors. We’ve watched the shift from early 90s supermodels to the gaunt grunge model era, to a heightened focus on actresses and celebrities (even reality television – ick).  It’s incredible to see this year kickoff with a brand featuring a highly respected intellect.  And, of course, it just makes me love Joan Didion and Céline even more (if that is possible).  Maybe Vogue will follow suit and feature women like Didion rather than Kim Kardashian this year.



Happy 2015! Dallas: get fit for the New Year with The PilatesBarre! The PilatesBarre has several locations you can find here. I’ve been a long-time fan of pilates and always feel great after completing any kind of pilates exercises – particularly on the reformer machines.  As someone who often sits at a computer all day, it’s a great way to lengthen and stretch the muscles while getting a great workout. I asked The PilatesBarre a few questions about how one can best kick off their 2015 fitness routine the right way.


NS: What are some of the classes PilatesBarre offers? Do they cater to all levels of fitness?

T PB: The PilatesBarre is a Pilates studio that links the holistic principles of Pilates together with resistance training and cardio elements, to provide a unique exercise regimen. We offer PilatesBody, PilatesBarre, SpringBarre & BootcampBarre.

All of our classes cater to all fitness levels as every exercise has a modification or an added variation for more of a challenge enabling all levels to take class together!

PilatesBody: core strength training, cardio, and overall body conditioning and stretching to achieve the “Pilates Body” using our exclusive BarreFormer.

Bootcamp Barre: combination of bootcamp-style cardio paired with cardio barre ballet

The PilatesBarre: combines the PilatesBody on the BarreFormer and our SpringBarre workout on the Springboards

The SpringBarre: exclusive to The PilatesBarre, incorporates cardio, spring boards, ballet barre and free weights

Private Sessions: great for the beginning, the super advanced student or someone with an injury or who is new to fitness


NS: How often would you suggest keeping active during the work week?What’s the minimum and maximum you usually advise upon?

T PB: Our suggestion to reach your fitness goals, during the work week- 3 x a week would be ideal! We always find it easier to workout before work; social engagements always pop up in the evening! A couple options, either getting in before work or if your schedule permits, try a midday workout during your lunch break.

One should target, minimum 3 times a week and the maximum would be 6 times a week. Everyone needs a day off!!


NS:  With travel and holiday parties interrupting regular workouts, how do you suggest staying fit on the road?

T PB: Plan ahead! Always pack a pair of tennis shoes so you can sneak in walk in-between family events. Invite your family to take class with you, always more fun in groups. During the holidays, we always have our regular clients bringing in their visiting family members. Don’t let visitors keep you from your regular workout-bring them along! Exercise raises levels of serotonin, a feel-good hormone, something we all need during the holiday season!


NS: What are a few ways PilatesBarre inhibits the workout “rut” people speak about?

T PB:Our goal is too offer the space to foster healthy way of live. The PilatesBarre classes are constantly evolving as we strive to provide the community the latest in fitness trends. All of the instructors are regular attendees of our classes and keep the exercises fresh. Our music is constantly changing and is our driving force inspiration for our class routines. Our new BarreFormers are also enabling us to keep our workout fresh with incorporating new features such as a split carriage, jump board, and additional springs to add more tension options.  Our workout has evolved as our clients have grown with us and needed more challenges to be incorporated into their routines.


Learn more about their studios here!