Celine Fall 2012


Sarah Mower is one of my favorite fashion journalists and of course- she writes for Vogue!  I love her review of the Celine fall 2012 RTW collection as well as her points regarding the fashion line’s clothing designer, Phoebe Philo.  This is a must-read article!

There’s a reason women are so much more respected in fashion now—and not just because business managers have stepped into the twenty-first century. It’s because a female designer’s point of view can be financial gold. Women intuit design needs from what they feel, need, and makes them and their peers comfortable, both physically and psychically. Plus, since we are talking about high fashion, leading-edge design in this case, there is also the push to go a bit further and stand out. Though not, of course, like an idiot fashion-victim.” – Sarah Mower

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“Céline’s models, toting fold-over bags (some in mink) and sleek leather iPad envelopes in the crooks of their arms were instantly believable as the sort of women you want to be, or are. The way they looked struck a seamlessly confident compromise between luxury and comfort. Yet, no one wants to be too predictable. And so, Céline has a neon pink mink, too.” – Sarah Mower

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