Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers – Dallas – I loved Brad’s shoes!!!!

“Trailblazers march to the beat of their own drums.” – Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski‘s new book is charming, down to earth, and honest- just as real and endearing as he is in person.  Interviewing him in Dallas last week at his book signing at Brooks Brothers, he told me he started his television show as an opportunity for viewers to get to know him and his partner, Gary Janetti and to develop an idea of him as more of a well-rounded individual.  “I wanted to show them how I got this far,” he said.  “I’ve been very proud of the show and Gary feels that every episode had a message.”  Part of his success, has been paving his own path and not comparing himself to anyone else.  “It’s important to have a signature style, develop a following, and use your instinct,” he said, “Trailblazers march to the beat of their own drums.”

As for his new book, Born to be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far, it’s part style guide and part memoir, but certainly a distinctly Brad point of view.  “The most difficult part of writing this book was making sure that I was honest with how I felt, but at the same time, honoring and respecting my family and their personal lives,” he said, “Seeing the communication shut down in our family and how it actually happened.” The most difficult aspect for them, was seeing his side and almost comparing stories and points of view.  “My grandmother wrote me a letter,” he said, “It was really difficult for me to read.  She had no idea how hard my childhood was.  She told me that I never complained. I broke down in tears.”  Looking back, Brad said he was definitely a strong kid- stronger than he thought.

interviewing Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers (image courtesy of @ohsocynthia)

Brad believes the most important ingredient to success in the fashion industry (and any career really), is allowing yourself to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.  Right now, he is excited about color when it comes to spring style.  “I’m all about color in a big way,” he said, “Also, loving prints… mixing them.”  And, what has been the greatest style disaster he’s faced?  “A celebrity client, who will remain nameless, once came back for a second fitting for her gown for an award show, it was one foot short,” he said, “I had a panic attack!”  Was the problem resolved?  “Yes,” he said, “We were able to make it work.”

Stylish, authentic, and honest – I’d let Brad Goreski dress me any day.  But, for now, I suppose I’ll read his book for a dose of what a day in the life is like for Born to be Brad.

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