Dallas has a new social club - Circle Seven Five!  This organization works to help young women expand their local horizons.  It’s a professional & social networking group launched by Cassidy Woodard. I asked Cassidy a few questions about her new organization and what she hopes to accomplish with this new venture.


N/S: Was Circle Seven Five modeled or inspired by any existing organizations, business  leaders, or ideas?


CW: Circle Seven Five was modeled after a need I had in my own post-college life. In college, you had your social life handed to you on a silver platter. Moving back to Dallas from New York I had my social life ripped out from under me. I was looking for how to start over in a city that felt brand new. I took bits and pieces of existing social clubs and made my own cocktail! It was mainly inspired by an idea: I wanted to be involved in something young and fun but also something that knew what was important in life and could find a balance between social and professional needs, and giving back to the community.


N/S: What is the Circle Seven Five stance on books and ideology like Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”?


CW: Moment of confession … I STILL have not read this! I do believe that as women we need to support  each other, especially in the work place and that we should speak up more often, put ourselves in the conversation and to really be a voice now that we’re at the table. I went to an all girls’ college, so I am very much pro strong, bold, beautiful women taking charge in their lives.


N/S: What are some of your favorite books and authors? What will you be reading this summer? What are some of your favorites you’ve ever read?


CW: I really love Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment and also a lot of William Blake’s poetry. In terms of business books I enjoyed Finerman’s Rules: Secrets I’d Only Tell My Daughters About Business and Life. Also, generally anything written by Malcolm Gladwell is a win. Ivanka Trump’s book The Trump Card is also a good read.  This summer Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso are on my reading list!


N/S: What are some of your own personal interests? Design? Finance?


CW: Writing and fashion are two personal interests. I’ve had the privilege to cover New York Fashion Weeks since 2011, and I love it. I’m also a total sucker for any spy or intelligence-related TV shows.


N/S: Who are your own personal mentors and inspirations?


CW: My friend Lauren Scruggs is someone I see as a personal mentor/inspiration. I began writing for  her magazine, LOLO Mag, when I was in college and she has really helped shape the direction  of my professional life. She has also given me the encouragement I needed to pursue my dreams  of Circle Seven Five instead of settling for a dead-end job. The people I went to college with also constantly inspire me. Columbia is such a unique environment and it seems every one of my peers is off saving the world in one way or another! I also really look up to Ivanka Trump. She is one savvy businesswoman who works extremely hard. She could be doing a lot less with her life and falling back on her birthright, but chooses not to. I respect that.


N/S: What are some events that you see on the books for Circle Seven Five? What are  some “dream” events?


CW: We are doing a fun event at Exhale Spa on July 26th treatments, acupuncture, and an athletic wear trunk show. There will also be a barre class during the event. Girls can also relax and get some sun by the infinity pool, too! Always check the ‘events’ page on our website. We update that frequently.  I would LOVE to have the founder of SPANX, Sara Blakeley, come and speak. She’s helped out many a lady!


N/S: What type of time commitment would you imagine Circle Seven Five for an individual per month?


CW: The time commitment is really up to the individual member. Nothing is mandatory or required. Right now we average one to two events per month. The purpose of Circle Seven
Five is to give back to our members, not to demand time from them.


N/S:  Why do you think some women hold each other back rather than tend to support each other? Do you think Circle Seven Five can help these situations?


CW: I think it partly has to do with social media and this idea that your life should be “picture perfect” all the time. That is not realistic! We also live in a competitive society that tells us we should have it all and do it all, and to excel in every area. My goal with Circle Seven Five is to focus on genuinely connecting people. That’s why we have a balance of events. Some are glamorous, and some yoga pants-and-tennis-shoe events. It’s about people, not perfection.


Learn more about Circle Seven Five here.


Elizabeth Hurley with Leonard Lauder at Neiman Marcus

This past Wednesday, Estée Lauder hosted a special event in Dallas to celebrate their 64 year partnership with Neiman Marcus. Estée Lauder Companies Chairman Emeritus Leonard Lauder with Estée Lauder spokesmodel Elizabeth Hurley attended to celebrate the opening of the new shop and compact museum (for a limited time). DROESE PR helped plan and execute the beautiful event and I was thrilled to attend.



Elizabeth Hurley

With Ellen Flowers and Sarah Hunt Oswald



Château de la Goujeonnerie, Vendée, France


Today, I came across these gorgeous images of a modernized French chateau.  London based “Stefan Karlson, Hassan Abdullah and Michel Lasserre met in the early 1990s and went on to launch an antique store (Maison Trois Garcons), a successful restaurant (Les Trois Garcons), a hot London bar (Loungelover) and an international interior design practice (L3G Designs).”  The trio then stumbled upon Château de la Goujeonnerie in 2006.  The chateau was built in 1872 and had fallen into disrepair. For the past five years, the trio has worked to restore it from top to bottom and these are the amazing results.

Who’s ready for a summer weekend at this grand abode?

More on Vogue Living.









This coming Wednesday, actress and Estée Lauder spokesmodel Elizabeth Hurley joins Estée Lauder Companies Chairman Emeritus Leonard Lauder for a celebration at Neiman Marcus NorthPark.  Beginning at 2pm, the celebration will include the unveiling of the new Estée Lauder shop which celebrates 64 years of partnership between Neiman Marcus and NorthPark and for a limited time, the debut of the Estée Lauder compact museum which features over 50 solid perfume and pressed powder compacts produced from 1963 to present (a few will be on display next Wednesday only).

Additionally, enjoy new product previews and the unveiling of the special Neiman Marcus Red Lipstick produced especially for the opening of the new Estée Lauder shop at Neiman Marcus NorthPark.. While you are there, book  an individual makeup session with Estée Lauder Global Makeup Artist, North America, Derek Miller.






NYC based jewelry designer Cassie King will be hosting a Cassandra Collections trunk show next week at Estilo boutique with margaritas provided by TequilaMe. Shop the spring/summer 2014 collection and the latest arrivals from Cassandra Collections at Ritas and Rocks next Thursday from 7-9 p.m.  King is from San Antonio and her contemporary pieces with their beautiful stones and intricate designs certainly have the flair of southern elegance. See you there!

What: Ritas and Rocks with Cassandra Collections

When: Thursday, June 19th, 7-9 p.m.

Where: Estilo boutique, 234 W. 2nd Street, Austin, TX


Karolina Earrings from Cassandra Collections

Cassandra Collections

Cassandra Collections

Cassandra Collections

Cassandra Collections

Shop more here.


“I try to live with a positive mentality, and see everything as a learning experience, and to always work hard and treat others with respect.”

- Ariana Rockefeller

This past February, I had the pleasure of meeting Ariana Rockefeller at my friend Natalie Bloomingdale’s wedding in Austin.  I learned she founded a clothing line in 2011 and loved every piece of her spring/summer 2014 collection. “Anticipating my wardrobe requirements for my many pre-wedding festivities last season, Ariana was so thoughtful as to give me one of her gorgeous silk off-white numbers,” said Natalie, “I adore that it is effortlessly architectural – it’s one of the easiest pieces to wear in my closet – which may sound silly, but it’s structured in such a flattering way.”
The Ariana Rockefeller collection is classic, modern, and wearable at the same time – I instantly fell in love.  I wanted to learn more about Ariana’s collection, what she’ll be wearing this season, and what’s to come this fall.

N/S: How did your company come to be? Did you always know you wanted to have a fashion collection?

AR: I did always know know that I wanted a clothing line. I love textiles and design and felt that I had a vision that would be valuable to the fashion world. My sense of style is very all American east coast classic. It also has a modern and easy sensibility and inspired by my family heritage



Ariana Rockefeller fall/winter 2014

Ariana Rockefeller fall/winter 2014

Ariana Rockefeller fall/winter 2014


N/S: How would you describe your collection to someone who had not been introduced to it before? For whom do you design?

AR: My collection is a women’s wear line comprised of elegant basics, that have a simple all-American and chic sensibility.

I design pieces I want hanging in my closet and for my friends. I want my collections to feel personal, so the girl who buys my dress is like me, she busy day but be put together, chic and can go from day to evening effortlessly.


N/S: Where are some of your favorite places in the world to travel?

AR: I do a lot of traveling for work and also the horse show circuit so I get to see a lot of places around the country. This past winter my husband and I road tripped from New York to Florida for the Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival which runs for three months. I always love the Palm Beach area, its so iconic. We also drove through Charleston on our way and I fell in love with the city, and food of course! I just love to explore different parts of our country. My favorite foreign place to visit is Crete. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there.


N/S: What are some of your favorite books, blogs, and magazines?

AR: I read the Chronicle of the Horse for horsey news and articles. My favorite book ever is Anne of Green Gables. I am currently reading Grace Coddington’s memoir and about to start Washington by Ron Chernow.


N/S: Any sneak peek or hints when it comes to what we’re going to see from Ariana Rockefeller this fall?

AR: Lots of metallics, and an easy top that literally goes with everything!


Ariana and her horse, Chogun II

“Nadia” Tunic Dress

Ariana Rockefeller spring/summer 2014


N/S:  What are some of the new styles you are featuring in your spring/summer 2014 collection? What inspired some of these pieces?

AR: One of the new styles we are very excited about is our Laura short in a gold print on linen. I love shorts for spring/summer as they are super versatile. From a day look with a t-shirt to evening with a silk blouse they look chic and polished.


N/S: What are you wearing this spring?

AR: This spring I am living in my Nadia tunic dress in ivory! And I just got a fresh pair of jack rogers:) I hoard those. This spring I am wearing a neutral pair with navy trim.


N/S: Who are your own personal style inspirations, designers, and icons?  How would you describe your own personal style?

AR: My style inspirations come from my friends and family mostly, I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hence why many of my pieces are named for those who inspire me! My sister Camilla is definitely one of those girls:) my own style is very simple and easy. Usually, I’m in a tunic dress or jeans and ballet flats!


Ariana wearing the Ariana Rockefeller “Muffy” tunic dress from the spring/summer 2014 collection


N/S: Where can one currently purchase your pieces?

AR: Online at arianarockefeller.com! And stay tuned for our summer trunk show/event calendar!


N/S: What has been your greatest personal accomplishment of your career thus far?

AR: My latest collection, fall/winter 2014. I have been learning so much since I founded the company in 2011, and this season everything really came together in a way that makes me exceedingly proud of, and confident in my company.


N/S: Is there a motto, quote, or piece of advice you were given that you aim to live by?

AR: I try to live with a positive mentality, and see everything as a learning experience, and to always work hard and treat others with respect.


Shop and follow  Ariana Rockefeller on Facebook here, Twitter here, on the web here, and Instagram here.




It was so wonderful to catch up with Celia Tucker of Willow Boutique in Rosemary Beach and Seaside, Florida. Willow is a chic boutique on the beautiful Gulf Coast – right off of scenic Highway 30-A.  They’ll be launching e-commerce soon, so stay tuned.  I shared a few of my favorite things with Willow recently on their blog.

Check out the full article here.




It’s certain that my parents both have green thumbs.  I always grew up with the most beautiful plants and flowers outside my bedroom window and around my home.  On top of our gorgeous magnolia trees, peonies in bloom are one of the things I’ve always looked forward to and not just because they bloom right around my birthday in May. Here are some shots of the gorgeous peonies at our lake house.  I hope you find them as beautiful as I do!