metallic cowhide rug

Ok, what is cooler than your classic cowhide rug?  This metallic cowhide rug from Calypso Home!  I was in the local Calypso St. Barth the other day in Dallas browsing and was awe-struck by their home collection.  Seriously, there is a strong chance that if I had one, I would allocate my entire home decorating budget to Calypso.  From their rugs, to their gorgeous pillows, to floor poufs, I couldn’t even leave with a single thing because I could not decide what I wanted!  I wanted every pillow, every rug, and none of the colors that I was even eyeing in different styles went together- so I had to leave: empty-handed and completely awestruck.

Stenciled Zebra Cowhide

Zig Zag Jaipur

Tile Jaipur Rug

Some of the rugs definitely give me that Madeline Weinrib feel – but the prices are so much better!  And, when you have a mischievous dog running around the house, you FEEL much more confident with the Calypso price point.  Plus, with as quickly as I seem to get sick of patterns and colors, this is the perfect option.


oui pillow

Sheesha Euro Pillow

Love Suede Pillow

Basic Printed Cowhair

And, the pillows? How gorgeous are they.  The pillows would certainly turn any ordinary couch or chair into a furniture piece with luxe flair.  The Calypso Home pillow collection is exceptionally stylish – and I especially adore the “Love” and “Oui” pillows!  They all have such fantastic textures and the materials are outstanding.  They’d certainly add dimension and personality to any space.

Tibetan Goat Pouf

Beignet Pouf

Kuba Jaipuri Pouf

Leather Pouf

Poufs?  Well, they certainly have them!  The first pouf I ever loved was from Calypso St. Barth.  And, talk about poufs that have gone through some seriously favorable evolution… metallics, goat hair, Moroccan rug patterns- oh my!  I want my entire living room to be poufs situated around the most perfect coffee table!  Then, my company and I can sip hot tea, converse, and discuss which is the most comfortable (pouf) and aesthetically pleasing.

The best part of all this? THE SCOOP.  The local Dallas Calypso St. Barth store told me they are expecting a Calypso HOME store (exclusive) to open sometime this spring in the Big D.  I will ASSUREDLY be there when the doors open. Who’s behind me?


When you are a perfectionist that is in love with design, this is what your bedroom wall may look like during your quest to find the perfect gray.  Yes, I could have hired a decorator to help me along the way, but it’s much more fun to do it myself, cheaper, and far more creative.  And, I was INCREDIBLY CLOSE to attending the Savannah College of Art and Design during the spring of 2008 for an interior design degree, so I feel like I already have it in a sense!

However, this crazy obsession has led to the purchase of thirteen different paint samples and only two that I would even consider putting on my bedroom walls.  What am I looking for?  Something different, interesting, genuine, and reassuring- kind of like the people I always try to surround myself with in life as you sweep the artificial away from the authentic.  For instance, attempting to steer clear of the people you run into and the first thing they comment on is your outfit or necklace.  It’s not a “how are you?” it’s an “Oh my gosh, I love your top!”

And, then, it’s obvious on what type of level their minds work. And, comparatively (with lack of depth), it’s usually decided whether you will like a shade of gray – or not.
I will certainly let you know which gray I choose!