I’m definitely all about stripes when it comes to spring 2014 – I absolutely can’t get enough of them!  I fell instantly in love with this collaboration by Veronica Beard and Goop for spring.  It’s truly the perfect jacket to dress up or down.  Pair it with your favorite pair of white pants, a pencil skirt, or denim jeans for a beautiful look.  This limited edition capsule collection includes: a Midnight Navy Textured Suiting Classic Jacket with Stripe Dickey, a Cobalt Blue Silk Layered Sleeveless Top and a White Textured Suiting Double-Breasted Vest.  A few select pieces from the Veronica Beard spring 2014 collection are also available. What’s your favorite piece?  You can shop the pieces here.




I wrote about Shrimps faux fur coats a few weeks ago and was thrilled to receive a peek of their fall/winter 2014 collection.  Their latest campaign shows some of the gorgeous color combinations and accessories we can expect this fall.  I loved the video!  It just show happens, that T Magazine published an article detailing the fur color blocking trend. And, of course with Shrimps, you don’t have to worry about the animal-friendly aspect as they are made from luxe, but artificial materials – a perfect fit for animal lovers.

T Magazine details the color blocking trend from the runways


Shrimps Fall 2014


Shrimps Fall 2014

Shrimps Fall 2014


Film Credits & Stills:


Film: ‘Shrimps World’
Film Credits:
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Directors: Max Weiland & Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Executive Producer: Tash Tan
Producer: Denna Cartamkhoob
Director of Photography: Jamie Feliu-Torres
Production Designer: Marie Lanna
Art Direction: Tegen Williams
Stylist: Julia Sarr-Jamois
Make-up: Celia Burton
Hair: Kota Suiza
With thanks to Laura Bailey, Adwoa Aboah & Janet Pearch
AW14 Imagery/Fall 2014: Oliver Hadlee Pearch, The model is Adwoa Aboah.






CJ Laing has been on my radar for quite some time.  I’m hoping I can make a visit to one of the boutiques soon – although, their online store is quite nice. The mix of jewelry, clothing, and accessories they offer is always unique and I love the fresh prints of their designs. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about the brand with me today and specifically, the Palm Beach boutique!


N/S: How did your store come to be?


CJ Laing: CJ Laing was founded by Jack Laing in 2000. He studied Fashion Design at Pratt Institute and began his career with Ralph Lauren. CJ Laing began as a lifestyle collection for women, men and children, and over the years we have had stores in a number of East Coast resort towns, including  Nantucket, Southampton and Palm Beach. In 2008 Ali Russell joined the business and the line evolved into what you see today.


N/S: How would you describe the style and aesthetic of your store?


CJ L: Clean, open, breezy,highly edited, always with fresh flowers and great music.


N/S: Who wears CJ Laing pieces?


CJ L: Our clients have sophisticated taste, are well traveled, and reject mass-appeal fashion. They have a keen eye for great quality and unique fabrics and use of color that is timeless and beyond trend. They’re worldly, chic, smart, fun and relaxed in their personal style. They seek out what is special and hard to find.


N/S:  What are you most excited about when it comes to new arrivals for spring and summer?


CJ L: We’re finding a softer range of color is what feels new this year. It’s a great moment for pale lilac, pale peach and muted green and grey shades. Our new collection includes a  simple sleeveless shift dress that we’ve done in two signature silk prints as well as a wonderful crisp geometric moroccan lace in either black or white with micro pom pom fringe at the bottom. The store is also packed with our exclusive finds from Europe – luxe french terry cover-ups, beaded dip-dyed linen floor length kaftans, and tunics in pale strawberry with taupe or washed tones of blue, irish linen shirts and dresses in our own signature color range, even genuine silk and cotton ikat shorts that zip up the back and make your legs look a mile long.


spring 2014 prints


N/S: What clothing and jewelry lines do you carry?


CJ L: In addition to our own line, we have exclusives with British designer Tashia London, made in Beirut CALM-NYC, Italian Laura Conti, and Sarah Goodbody of London. We offer fabulous mexican rosary style necklaces and agates on leather by Amanda Marcucci (also from London), semi precious necklaces, earrings and cuffs by Wendy Mink, and cool over-size Swarovski crystal on chains by Atlanta-based designer L-George. We also carry a range of inexpensive boho earrings and necklaces that work really well as travel jewelry and complement the clothes, and of course, tassel necklaces are having a big moment.


N/S: Let’s talk about the tassel jewelry!  Who makes these pieces and what would you wear them with?


CJ L: We have always been mad for tassels and this year we offer some fabulous options – everything from delicate mercury bead string bracelets with tassel ends ($25) and bright Mala bead necklaces with tassels hanging from silver buddha heads ($45), neon tassels with wooden beads, tonal versions in deep grey or black crystal beads with matching tassels – they’re all great and make fun gifts. We show them with beach cover-ups and bikinis or to add a pop of color to our linen shirts and day dresses. But for real WOW – our clients have gone absolutely crazy for the extraordinary tassel necklaces and bracelets made by French designer, Stephanie Brown. Stephanie travels the globe collecting the most beautiful one-of-a-kind statement-making beads. She pairs them with long strands of semi-precious beads and spacers that she creates in unusually rich color combinations and then finishes each piece with one of her own hand-made 800 strand pure silk tassels. There’s no mistaking the quality here, these necklaces are luxe. At first we were slightly concerned about sticker shock, but now we’re mostly concerned with keeping up with demand. We show Stephanie Brown tassel necklaces with everything – they look astounding with our signature ikat coats, as well as with long silk kaftans, our shift dresses, they’d be great with a cashmere sweater, even a tee shirt ~ and we love mixing unusual color combintions – Right now in our window we’re showing our graphic greek key print silk shift dress with a sterling silver beaded Stephanie Brown necklace featuring a long bright lemon yellow tassel – we think it’s super chic.

necklaces by French designer Stephanie Brown

shorts at CJ Laing


N/S: What are some of your favorite items for spring vacations or winter warm weather travel plans?


CJ L: For warm weather travel, everyone seems to agree that one of our signature ikat coats is an essential piece that will serve a multitude of uses (and a recent editors pick for Town & Country). Wear one over white jeans out to dinner, over a silk dress or cigarette pants for cocktails or for cool evenings. Pack a little pair of ikat shorts for running into town, one of Sarah Goodbody’s sundresses for strolling, a CJ Laingsilk blouse for dinner with a pair of our cigarette pants, a CALM-NYC kaftan for the beach, and a must-have gorgeous embroidered Tashia London tunic. Add a Stephanie Brown necklace and wear it with everything!


N/S: Who are your own style inspirations?


CJ L: We’re both chameleons – we love travel and history and art – our inspiration is ever-evolving and we don’t know where it’s coming from next. Because our own collection is made for us in our workroom in New York it allows us design in very small editions and we can easily just make three or four of one thing and then go on to the next design. We both keep mood boards in our offices and are keen observers of our environment. Living in Palm Beach, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration from the sea and sky, mediterranean architecture and tilework, wild green parrots, jasmine covered walls, fresh fruits, endless varieties of orchids – it’s an amazing place to call home.


N/S: What are your favorite things about Palm Beach? Your favorite places?


CJ L: The subtropical climate is a given, we thrive in the warm weather, but actually also love the crazy tropical storms that blow through. Many people don’t realize that Palm Beach is an island and like any island it has it’s fill of colorful characters, local lore, scandal and intrigue, as well as a close knit community with a shared interest in preserving this tropical paradise. We also have a lot of wonderful things to see and do here – the Society of the Four Arts offers world class lectures and exhibitions and has an extraordinary tropical garden which we stroll through regularly. We love the bike trail that follows along the lagoon side of the island. We love that we have a great airport five minutes from the beach that allows for frequent travel. And it’s fun living somewhere that other people find they’re way to on vacation, we bump into old friends unexpectedly all the time.  Palm Beach also has great restaurants and shopping and attracts interesting and influential visitors and new residents from around the world.


New cross stitch dress at CJ Laing


N/S: Where do you find all of the beautiful things from your store?


CJ L: Mostly from traveling and from personal introductions. Several times we’ve found things we’ve admired on someone walking in the door.  In a store like ours, where every single piece is unique and has to work on its own and as part of the whole – when we add a new designer or a new jewelry line its a careful decision. While it’s possible to find exciting things at the trade shows, it’s just never been our style. We enjoy the hunt and a buying trip its a good excuse to go somewhere interesting. There are so many incredible things available in this world, we just don’t understand the cookie-cutter buying style we see in so many other stores.


N/S: What are some plans or exciting things going on with your store for 2014?


CJ L: Well we just moved into our new Palm Beach store which was a lot of work and we’re thrilled with it. We have a fabulous location in historic Via Mizner and even a private garden courtyard for entertaining and special events. At the moment we’re exploring options for next summer’s pop-up store, as well as further developing our menswear line which now includes linen shirts in our own range of unique custom colors, bermuda shorts in pinwale corduroy, as well as ikat shorts for men. We’re excited about the new samples we just received for a relaxed fit men’s linen jacket which everyone’s been asking us to add. and men’s linen shorts. And just this year we’ve gotten back into a wholesale collection which for now focuses on those iconic embroidered D-ring belts Jack started with all those years ago – people just never stopped asking for them, so they’re back with 17 different embroideries in stock now and six new ones coming for summer.

more lovely tassel jewelry

Shop here.


Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard


What’s not to love about a fashion label that again and again makes pieces that are not only stunningly beautiful, but absolutely wearable. The Veronica Beard fall 2014 presentation was on February 5th in New York City at the High Line Hotel.  Designers Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard shared that the inspiration for this collection was the ultimate California girl.  The one that moves between the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Troubadour parties – and everyone follows.  Miele Beard said it’s about marrying the bohemian with the perfect mix of rock and roll.

Though the staple dickey jackets seemed to take a backseat in this collection, structured jackets and chic coats still reigned – particularly, the CAMO jacquard parka with the detachable raccoon collar. I also loved the attention to textural details in this collection – from the Calgan Goat Motor Coat and the Amber Tapestry Jacquard Silhouette dress with the navy fringe stripes, these details added luxury in an effortless way.  The bohemian floral prints paired with striking amber silks and pops of electric blue, made this the perfect collection to layer and love.  And, you couldn’t miss the fantastic Edie Parker clutches in the presentation, jewelry by Gillian Steinhardt, and incredible Rupert Sanderson shoes – swoon.













LOVE this.

Veronica Miele Beard, Ken Downing, & Veronica Swanson Beard



One of my favorite websites and blogs to keep up with is Shiva Rose‘s The Local Rose.  I’m inspired by the Hollywood actress’ Bohemian lifestyle, spirituality, recipes, beauty regimen, and the incredible natural and organic finds to which she regularly introduces her readers.  She recently launched a Rose Face Oil that I can’t wait to try. The hand blended product is toxin free and made with rose oils that reduce inflammation and “open the heart to chakra.” It was an honor to ask Shiva a few questions about her company, secrets to great health, her favorite places to travel, and plans for 2014 and beyond.


N/S: How did The Local Rose come to be?


Shiva Rose: I created The Local Rose three years ago after the life I had known sort of crashed around me and I yearned to get back to the earth and nature. I just got divorced, and moved with my two young daughters, to a home where I felt safe since it was surrounded by the natural world. Many of my friends were asking me for recipes and how to go green, so I created the site as a healing venture for myself and to share what i was learning. It’s about being connected to the planet yet staying chic.



Shiva Rose – Rose Face Oil


N/S: What are some of your favorite recipes to make at home?  To make for guests?


Shiva Rose: My quick go to recipe is quinoa with chickpeas and what ever is abundant in the garden. Maybe cucumbers, or tomatoes. I add good olive oil and sea salt and lemon. I also love to make rich, hearty soups for the winter months.



N/S: What’s your favorite way to entertain?


Shiva Rose: Great food, candles, eclectic music and fresh juices for drinks.



N/S: What are some things one will always find on your desk or in your handbag?


Shiva Rose: Crystals to protect from elect magnetic radio waves, makeup by RMS,  my face oil, amber scented oil, raw coconut water.




N/S: On top of your face oil, do you think you will make any other products in the future?


Shiva Rose: Yes working on a body oil, candle, and a line of incredible face healing products.


N/S: Where do you find all of the beautiful items you feature on The Local Rose Shop?


Shiva Rose: My favorite thing is to go off the beaten track for local artisans that don’t have links to the modern world. I found amazing face creams and hair elixirs in Big Sur that I think may be made my magic tree fairies.



N/S: Where are your favorite places in the world to travel?

Shiva Rose: I usually go to the same places every summer in Kauai and Tuscany, but I would love to explore Iceland, Morocco, and Africa.





N/S: What are some of your personal secrets to staying healthy and well?


Shiva Rose: Drinking coconut water and juicy fruits keep us lush. Also stay away from toxic thoughts. Of course the usual too like eat organic, low consumption of alcohol and caffeine.



N/S: When and were do you feel most relaxed? How do you relax?


Shiva Rose: Baths, chocolate and a good hike in the mountains. Love the big trees up in Northern California. They sing to me. The ocean as well is healing and the negative ions relax you.



N/S: Where do you find your greatest inspirations? How would you describe your personal style?

Shiva Rose: I like to tell a story through my clothes. I was an actress and playing a character is in my DNA. I love heroines from great novels and beautiful films from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s. I wear lots of vintage but like to mix it with designer shoes and bags. Love Celine for basic beautiful lines. Lately I’ve been vacillating between a sleek modern sexy look of jeans and silk blouse, and goddess dresses that are floaty and free.



N/S: What are your must-visit spots in Santa Monica/LA?


Shiva Rose: Axe restaurant in Venice for organic fare. Tavin for vintage in Echo Park. The Cookbook for food in Echo Park, Roseark, and Pearl Drop for treasures. Chay for home and clothes.


Find The Local Rose on the web here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.



Maybe it’s because I’m Austin bound for a good friend’s wedding this weekend (the beautiful Natalie Bond is getting married- remember her from City Style?), but I had to feature this adorable cocktail today that the Hotel San Jose is sharing for Valentine’s Day. It looks like they are planning quite the celebration in the lounge of the hotel: DJ’s Je T’Aime will be spinning love tunes galore from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, the Valentine Drink (pictured above) is available for one night only, AND when you spend $100 in the lounge, you receive $50 towards your next stay at the hotel.  Sounds good to me!

And, better, yet, top off your celebration with this ADORABLE Valentine’s Day card from Imogene and Willie (below) – just darling!

Happy Weekend!



What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wish List this year?  Here are a few items that would be the perfect gifts this February 14th.  I love the new Bajra Pink Wool Cashmere Throw from Ann Mashburn - this is certain to help you stay cozy in style.  I adore the paperweights from Kelly Wearstler, the Classic Little Kiss is available in a variety of marbles, stones, and bronze.  For perfectly sweet desktop decor, shop the Lavender candle from Calypso.

As for jewelry, the limited edition “I Love Texas” necklace from Jennifer Meyer celebrates the opening of the new Ylang 23 store in Dallas and is exclusive to the store and darling. For the beauty addict, how can you not fall in love with the new spring 2014 nail colors from Chanel.  For the art-lover, shop the Dots & Stripes set from Rebecca Atwood - LOVE these.  And, to feed into my current obsession with fringe and tassels, I’m in love with the tassle earrings above available at Blue Print in Dallas.




I had so much fun last month celebrating a New Year at Blushington in Dallas with some of my favorite local style bloggers. On the evening of January 22nd, I hosted an evening of beauty with Lynsey Eaton, Amy Havins, Sally and Molly Miller, and Mary Summers. Blushington is a chic little beauty lounge off Oak Lawn Avenue right next to DryBar.  They offer both daytime and nighttime looks – as well as applying lash extensions, airbrush foundation, waxing, and can help you to finally achieve the perfect smokey eye.  Blushington offers a variety of favorite cosmetic collections to shop as well like Stila, Kevin Aucoin, and (exclusively) Julie Hewett.  My favorite product of the evening was the Julie Hewett Shimmy Palette. With one sweep, it gave me the perfect luminous winter glow and brightened my skin.  Another favorite product? Model In A Bottle! You must try it.

Learn more about Blushington here.





Hannah Weiland – Shrimps

photo credit: Suleyman Karaaslan, Opening Ceremony

I’m so excited to chat about this new London based brand with you today.  All eyes on… SHRIMPS!  Shrimps is a newly launched faux fashion fur label by 23 year old designer, Hannah Weiland. As she told Vogue, “I called the line Shrimps, my nickname as a child, because I was small and pink!”

The coats have a very sixties mod feel and the designer currently offers a collection of coats and clutches available at Opening Ceremony, Avenue 32, and from Net-A-Porter this March!   I love the bold colors of the autumn/winter 2013 collection (featured here) and can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2014.  And, the best part?  Hannah’s line is animal-friendly!  As Vogue writes, “With the line taking off and being worn, unmissably, by the likes of Susie Bubble, Julia Sarr-Jamois, and Kate Foley, Weiland is operating out of a building that houses her filmmaker father’s company just off Carnaby Street, the former home of London’s groovy sixties.”  With a love of color and faux fur, I know I’ll be adding SHRIMPS to my list of must-haves.

Find them on the web here, Facebook here, Twitter here, and Instagram here.










Today, on Nonsense & Sensibility you’ll find absolutely stunning photography from Maggy Frances from the spring/summer 2014 campaign shoot in Palm Springs.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know I’m fan of Maggy Frances and enjoy sharing and taking a closer look at each and every collection!  Her latest collection is certainly not an exception.  In fact, this might be my favorite one yet!  In clean and timeless Maggy Frances cuts, you’ll find classically beautiful fabrics and patterns like gingham, eyelet, linens, and 50s and 60s inspired tropical and floral prints.  I adore the shift dresses and can’t get over the gingham playsuit.  It’s an all American collection – pants with a 70s flair, chic blazers, cropped sweaters, and flowy skirts. It’s going to be difficult to choose which pieces are must-haves!






Each season, Maggy Frances offers the same silhouettes in different fabrics.  She often ties in the collection to a similar color palette as well – so you can mix and match the pieces. The gingham and eyelet pairs together excellently in this collection and even the gingham mixed with the floral patterns looks fantastic. In this particular shoot, you might notice one of the models (featured above) is Katie Schecter from The Henry Millers. Maggy draws her inspiration from everywhere: books, movies, music… particularly The Rolling Stones!









Ready for a pool party and cocktails?  Me too.  Follow Maggy Frances on the web, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. And, check out an interview with Maggy on A Stylish Life below!