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I truly don’t think I could ever get enough of Maggy Frances! From the gorgeous prints, fitted blazers, and fantastic cuts – the look is clean, polished, and always fresh.  Fall/Winter 2013 from Maggy Frances certainly does not disappoint. From gorgeous floral patterns to one incredible red coat, shopping wearable pieces that will easily mix into any wardrobe is simple.


My Maggy Frances Fall 2013 Wish List:

- The Audrey Coat

- The Simone Blouse

- The Diane Blouse

- The Ruby Dress - for holiday!

- The Claire Mini Skirt


Shop new arrivals from Maggy Frances here.


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This is one of Sharon’s favorite photographs – the red carpet over a sewer grate. “It’s fantasy over real life,” she said.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet photographer Sharon Socol at the T Room during her visit to Dallas to learn about her new book, Plus One. The book (which would be a welcomed addition to any chic coffee table), chronicles her experiences traveling with her husband, Howard Socol, the former CEO of Barneys as his “plus one.” She’s been interested in photography for over 35 years since she had her first Kodak Instamatic camera. Socol studied photography and history and became interested in street documentary photography.  Because she considered herself an outsider to the fashion world, documenting it as a non-participating observer was comparable to foreign travel- an eye into a different space.

She lists her own personal inspirations to be the work of esteemed photographers: Helen Levitt, Robert Frank, and Lee Friedlander. As for travel, Socol lists Bali, Antarctica, and Israel as some of her favorite places to visit.  Plus One was created from 8-9 years in the fashion world – over 3,000 images – all shot in film and then scanned.  With her editor, Socol managed to narrow it down to 100 photos.  ”This book is self-published, a storybook,” she said, “It’s not about fashion, not a photography book, and not a written book. It’s dedicated to passion, creativity, and the talented people of the fashion industry.”   Does she have a favorite photograph? “Once I was sitting in this little restaurant in Paris and could see across the street to a couple kissing,” said Socol, “I got up and went over there and snapped a photograph. People bought it and loved it!”  Another she mentioned, was a photo of two ladies standing at a bar in the south of France with a dog.  She ended up giving the photograph of the two women and a poodle to Lauren Hutton.

You can purchase Sharon’s book on her website (I love my copy) along with some of her gorgeous prints.

Purchase the book here.





The Celine Tri-Color Trapeze Bag

It’s inarguable, By George has a pristine collection of gorgeous fall favorites. Known as the go-to for a mix of well-edited designer and contemporary collections, By George has remained a retail staple (and celeb favorite) in Austin for 34 years. Beautiful Celine wallets and handbags and standout Golden Goose boots make shopping for the perfect fall accessories simple. For the handbag with flair, choose the Cleobella Banjo Fringe Crossbody bag. By George’s resident stylists suggest pairing it with a lightweight, airy top and adding punch of color with a skirt or pair of shorts.

Learn more about By George here.

Golden Goose Young Boot

Celine Zip Wallets

Golden Goose Wedge Black Boots

Celine Woven Clutch


Veronica Beard has recently launched four limited edition numbered jackets.  The first is a gorgeous navy double breasted wool tux jacket created with Jessica Pare, the actress (known for her role as Megan in Mad Men) with Cristina Ehrlich, a red carpet stylist.  This jacket can certainly be paired with jeans for a casual look as well as with something more formal. “It was such an honor to work with the two Veronicas on this exciting project,” said Jessica, “I’ve admired their aesthetic for a long time; being given the opportunity to put my personal touch on a Veronica Beard jacket was a dream. And of course, collaborating with Cristina is always a total blast! Aside from being one of my favorite people in the world, Cristina has an incredible eye and impeccable taste. Our Double Breasted Tux is a classic: perfect to throw on over jeans or dress up for evening – Can’t wait to get my hands on one!”

The second is New York Times bestselling author Jill Kargman‘s leather jacket.  This chic biker chic jacket is perfect for an evening out or anyone on-the-go. I absolutely love the statement collar. The third jacket is from model Michele Ouellet – a simple relaxed wool jacket.  This piece is interchangeable with other dickeys. And, last but not least, shop the new piece from SoulCycle founders, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice. This jacket is the ultimate mix of high and low. It is the perfect length to throw over leggings and run around in. “We are so thrilled to be able to partner with Veronica Beard to create a custom, limited edition SoulCycle jacket,” said Elizabeth and Julie, “We’ve long been Veronica Beard fans and with this collaboration, were able to meld the urban, athletic SoulCycle sensibility with the classic Veronica Beard look and feel.”

The launch party for the limited edition jackets was at NYC’s Kirna Zabete.

Shop the Veronica Beard numbered jackets on




Jessica Pare and Cristina Ehrlich Jacket

The Jill Kargman Jacket

The Michele Ouellet Jacket
The SoulCycle Jacket


1. Kate Somerville Dilo Oil 2. Olivia Chantecaille Horses Compact 3. Jo Malone candle in Peony & Blush Suede 4. Napoleon lipstick in Xenia 5. Dior Beauty l’Or de Vie La Lotion


Here are five fall beauty essentials that I will be using through the season.  I’m looking forward to trying Kate Somerville’s Dilo Oil. Have you tried it? It’s one of her newest products and is a restorative treatment that is rich in natural lipids that work to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of aging.  I also can’t wait to use the Olivia Chantecaille Horses compact. Not only does it support and protect wild horses, but it’s comprised of the loveliest of autumn hues.  I had the pleasure of previewing the Peony and Blush Suede scent from Jo Malone and it’s one of the loveliest of autumn’s scents.  The Napoleon lipstick in Xenia is the perfect fall color.  You must add trying Dior’s new l’Or de Vie La Lotion to your list.  I’ve been using this for weeks and it’s made my skin noticeably smoother and certainly more hydrated without being oily!

What are your fall beauty must-haves?

decor, style, whimsy

Julia’s own wedding – view more here!

Yes, it’s true, Julia Lake Parties! After seeing quite a few events this party planner has expertly executed, I reached out to her to learn a little bit more about her social expertise.


N/S: Did you always know you wanted to be an event or party planner?  What was the first party or event you ever planned?

Julia Lake: I’ve always been a romantic- a romantic with an affection for seeking out the charming moments in our lives & in them, finding cause for celebration. In middle school I started throwing theme parties with strict costume requirements & for the past 10 years I’ve thrown an annual summer bash at my family’s place in the Napa Valley so I’ve built up a reputation through that. Since ever, I’ve been big on organizing activities, events, etc… so all signs have pointed to me becoming a professional party thrower, even though I ignored it for years. I thought I should do something more ‘high brow’ but didn’t know what. I worked for a magazine in Paris straight out of college and then later for my family’s Napa based winery but never felt true passion for my work until I finally resolved to follow my heart. After I planned my sisters wedding 4 years ago and then later my own, I just knew there was no going back. It sounds cheesy but the moment I decided to start my own party planning company, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and now I find sheer happiness in my work every day. Its non stop fun and a perfect fit for my personality and strengths.


the Julia Lake wedding of Mieke ten Have as featured in Vogue

as seen in Vogue

N/S: When did you launch your business?  Where are you based?


Julia Lake: It was a slow progression really since I’ve been doing it here and there for years but julia lake parties! officially launched in 2012. I’m more or less bi-coastal between Brooklyn & the Napa Valley. I spend most of my time in Brooklyn but am always on the road and every few months spend long chunks of time in my Napa studio.



N/S: What is one of the most rewarding aspects of your job?  The most challenging?


Julia Lake: I adore the process- not just the result. I love the entire journey: from day-dreaming ideas, forming the concept of the theme and building it up over time to create a cohesive event and vibe.


The most challenging part of my job is simply time. There’s never enough. Oh, and mothers-of-the-bride for weddings. Those can be tricky…


N/S: What’s one of the most memorable events you ever planned?   What made it so special?


Julia Lake: My wedding. It was my tour-de-force through and through. I poured my heart and soul into it & it was etherial magic.


N/S: What are just a few of the parties you’ve helped with- what were their types of themes and celebrations?


Julia Lake: There’s been so many. Some fun ones include: an adult cowboys & indians birthday party, an intimate wedding in Maine for, a Gatsby Napa wedding for which I made custom head pieces for all of the female attendees, a memorial (that was a challenge but so special), a glamorous New Years party at a private estate, & a hat party for a 70th birthday party. That was a riot actually.


N/S: Where do you find your own inspiration for your work?  What blogs and websites do you read?


Julia Lake: I find it everywhere, every day but when in doubt I call my mother. I’m pretty good at making something out of nothing so I’ve always got my eyes open- walking down the street, foraging at flea markets, & discovering treasures in the attic. I try to incorporate history into my events by using a lot of personal items & always favoring authentic decor. I get ideas from finding a great antique, reading an old novel, etc… The creative process is fundamentally unique to each event. My work is ultimately a collaborative process, building a true kinship with my clients, their stories & their dreams.


As for blogs: Honestly, I’m not a big blog reader: a) i try not to be on my computer more than I have to- i like getting my hands dirty b) because I can’t figure out how to get it all in one place b) there’s a lot of repeated mainstream ideas, trends, etc that I try to avoid BUT I do love Pinterest. Here’s my page!


N/S: How do you hope to see your business grow?  Any plans you can share for the future?


Julia Lake: First, I’d love to hire an intern. Then, I’d love to hire an assistant or better yet, find a partner that compliments my aesthetic. Maybe one day I’ll write a book. Who knows?

N/S: Explain Party in a Box- how did this come to be?  How can this help someone throwing a soiree?


Julia Lake: This DIY service is perfect for the person who wants to do most everything on the day of the event but needs help. They want help coming up with the overall concept, list of to do’s & how to’s. They get a big, fun box delivered to their door filled with all the custom party decor you need & a step-by-step instruction kit. Here are some pics of a custom bachelorette Party-in-a-Box that I did.


N/S: When it comes to planning parties, why do you think it can be most helpful to hire a professional like yourself?


Julia Lake: Planning a memorable party – meaning, creating a tangible vibe, an atmosphere that delights guests at every turn, from refreshments to bites to music and other entertainment – requires way more work than people expect. And there’s never enough time.


I’ve come to realize that I have a unique strength for throwing fabulous parties. I’m hyper creative and extremely organized so the two together make a pretty good combination. Throwing a party or entertaining can be overwhelming & difficult to execute, so it’s nice to have someone who can bring something to the table in terms of scheming up a plan that will wow your guests and have everyone leaving with nice memories. On a practical level, if it’s a bigger event, you’ll spend less if you have someone who knows where to source affordable gear & knows how much of what to get, etc…



N/S: What are a few mistakes you see when people are planning parties and events of their own?


Julia Lake: The most common mistake is trying to do too much yourself, getting stressed out and having an awful time because you have too much on your plate. We’ve all done it. This especially happens with DIY brides. They want to do a lot themselves & dont leave themselves enough time.


N/S: If you could describe your business in three words what would they be?


Julia Lake: Style & Grace with a Fiery spirit


N/S: When not planning parties, what do you do to relax and destress?  What’s an ideal or perfect day for you?


Julia Lake: Good one. After a non-stop summer of back to back events (mostly weddings), just last week I went to Nantucket with my husband & poodle, Otto von Pickles. We walked on the beach every morning & evening, took long baths, had picnics, drank sunset cocktails, ordered in, read books. It was pretty dreamy. So I guess my favorite way to wind down is taking a trip with Mr.Lake.

Julia with her husband and poodle, Otto von Pickles

N/S: What’s one piece of advice or inspirational quote you try to live by?

Julia Lake:

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Oscar Wilde

that or

“Never have a New Year’s party without confetti.”- julia lake

Party with Julia Lake on the web here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.


* all photos courtesy of Lake Facebook


Blogger breakfast! How many phones can you count?

Dallas media ladies gathered for a très chic affair - a Net-A-Porter media breakfast at the Mansion on Turtle Creek to peruse some of the latest items and fall trends the luxury website will offer for the new season.  The event was elegantly planned and styled by Droese PR.  Guests arrived and previewed three key trends: Animal Instinct, Rebel Rebel, and Winter White.  It was wonderful to get to see the gorgeous items in person. I think my favorite trend was certainly Winter White!

I was lucky enough to chat and have dinner with Net-A-Porter PR Director Kilee Hughes during the weekend following the breakfast while we were both visiting Austin.  She’s beyond lovely!  As you may recall, I attended the spring 2013 trend event in NYC earlier this year at Net-A-Porter’s Manhattan headquarters during fashion week. That’s where I first had the pleasure of meeting Kilee.

I’ve included a few images from the event and of course, shop the latest from Net-A-Porter here.







Shop new NET-A-PORTER looks here.



Photo Credit: Jason Acton.

Photo #2 and final photo: Haley Schultheis



Per usual, I’m positively smitten with the latest collection from Veronica Beard.  Spring/Summer 2014 from Veronica Beard was inspired by NYC in the 1980s and “the opulence and energy of the city that never sleeps.”   A mix of uptown class and gritty grafitti creates the perfect balance of modernity and elegance. Vivid colors (bold yellow) and graphic prints (an eye-catching red leopard) are mixed with an array of textures and fabrics like denim leather, mesh, and spacer panels.  The raincoat is fantastic! With clean jumpsuit silhouettes and perfect floral prints, this collection has left me dreaming of spring in a very fresh way.

Learn more about Veronica Beard here.


Mini Gypsy Crossbody in Electric Blue Crocodile


I am so grateful to have stumbled upon the Austin based company, Zink Collection.  This collection includes some of the most STUNNINGLY simple and well-crafted bags I’ve seen in a long time.  They are refreshingly understated and made with some of the most gorgeous leathers and exotics imaginable.  It was wonderful to catch up with Zink collection founder and creative director, Ben Freedland.


N/S: How did your company come to be?  Did you always know you wanted to launch a handbag and accessories line?


Ben: I knew I wanted to start a company that would be fashion related. I didn’t know it would be an accessory company. I just knew I wanted to make quality products that focused on craftsmanship with a modern classic aesthetic. I am trying to make ZINK into more of a lifestyle brand versus a fashion brand. Meaning we just design and produce quality crafted items to accompany you on your everyday life.



N/S: When did you launch? How has your company grown?


Ben: 2009. We grew from a temporary pop-up to a company focused on wholesale to a company focused on our own retail shops and website.  We are aiming to be a niche brand with limited distribution.  This way we can control our market as well as making sure we can continue to produce the quality product we stand behind.  We always look for the right partners though.  Someone who believes in the same message and standards we have and value.



N/S: What would you consider the classic or core bags of your line?


Ben: Our core styles are our Steamship and Boxcar bags in Italian canvas with leather trim or solid leather. The Steamship can be a more of serious bag while the Boxcar is slightly more casual.  The classics are all saddle leather and black Italian canvas with saddle leather.  We try to keep these always in stock.


Jaunt Handbag

Lancaster Clutch – Turquoise Stingray

Stingray Bi-Fold in Cognac


N/S: How does your collection change each season?


Ben: Our client likes to build a personal collection of our bags. She adds to the collection each season based on what she already has or because we are offering a limited edition must-have piece.  With this being said we are more about bringing back our core silhouettes each season in new and novel ways. Like different leather types, different social fabrics, or playing with mixed materials.  I travel quite often so this inspires our seasonal changes.  Inspiration can come from a walk around a spice market or a leisurely walk with my grandfather in Lancaster County, PA.  I find inspiration in the littlest of things.



N/S: Will you always have new styles as well as styles that are standard to the collection?


Ben: Each season we take our core sillouettes and use new fabrics, leathers, Ikats, Hand wovens, Indigos, Doi Tungs, etc.  We are also trying each season to add a new silhouette.  I am working on a hobo, an assortment of open totes and a men’s collection.  I don’t pressure myself to launch new styles because I want to make sure when we do that the shape is perfect and provides a solution to something else that my client needs for their personal lifestyle… and will be a style that is added to our core shapes.



N/S: What’s the must-have bag for fall?


Ben: Our must haves for fall are our Camouflage Stingray collection, patchwork stingray clutch, and burnt orange handbag collection for those who live in Texas.  We aim to have novelty and newness in our exotic collection each season and the camouflage and patchwork is the first of this.  It is being followed up for Holiday in some other really fun and  innovative ways… but for now those are a kept secret.

Lancaster Clutch- Patchwork Stingray


N/S: In three words, how would you describe your line?


Ben: Modern, Classic, Craftsmanship



N/S: Who carries a Zink accessory?


Ben: She values quality craftsmanship, but fashion is not necessarily her first priority. Family, friends, life comes before fashion. This goes back to what I say about ZINK being a lifestyle brand.



N/S: Who are your style icons and/or where do you draw your own inspiration and creativity?


Ben: Carla Bruni is my main style icon.  I find her life fascinating.  She is a supermodel, first lady, singer and a mother… and stunning to look at.  I also find educated, hardworking and powerful women fascinating so I draw inspiration from them.  These ladies are Hilary Clinton, Ina Garten, Charlize Theron, Martha Stewart… Strong driven women.



N/S: Why was Austin chosen as the home of your shop? How would you describe Austin style?


Ben: Austin, to me, is the New America. A place that likes to support local businesses and where people can be themselves. It’s not only the capitol of Texas, but home to one of the largest universities in the world. Consequently, it is young, old, new, historic and always changing.



N/S: Where is Zink currently available?


Ben: On and in our shop in Austin at Jefferson Square.



N/S: How do you hope to see your company grow?


Ben: We plan to open more of our own stores in the just the right places. We are about slow fashion so we are taking our time to grow our distribution and to developed our product.  But, we do see ZINK in markets like Boston, Nantucket, New Canaan, Greenwich, Dallas, Houston, the Hamptons and San Francisco to name a few.




N/S: What has your lifelong relationship been with design?


Ben: My lifelong relationship has been with quality materials and craftsmanship, not fashion. I like things that people take time to make.   Things that become heirlooms and that you have fond memories of using on your everyday journey of life.  I love to look at something and have it draw a memory from the past.  A moment in time.



N/S: Where do you reside?  Where are your favorite places to travel?


Ben: In downtown Austin.  I love to travel, period, but I love Asia. There is such a mystique there. I also love going home to Boston where I was raised. Boston is the roots of ZINK. I often say ZINK is New England designed, but with Texas pride.



N/S: What can we expect to come from Zink?  Any news or scoop for fall?


Ben: We are launching a handmade in the USA collection as well as turning up the wow factor on our exotics skins collection. The patchwork and camouflage are the first of the new designs we are introducing using gorgeous exotic skins as a jumping off point for something very different, yet deeply beautiful.  Every season we work on the craftsmanship to consistently refine our process and make the most fantastic products we can achieve. We will also be introducing a Vintage fabric collection.


We can’t wait!  For now, follow Zink on Facebook here and shop their website here.